Girl, Interrupted.
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Something dies when you grow older, but you do the best you can.


don’t worry about unrequited love
or the things you do to yourself
when you are alone in your room
at 3am and no one is answering
your phone calls.
it doesnt matter that you collapsed
trying to contact him over and over again
or that you miss someone
to the point of bone fracture
in your face because you’ve been
beating your head against a wall
trying to understand why no one
wants to be with you;
you dont even want to be with you.
its in the moments between silences
where you pick yourself up off the
laminate floor that you always wished was
real wood because its prettier
and it creaks the way your heart does
when it’s empty.
keep track of your tears
and water yourself like a garden;
see how many minutes it takes to stop crying
then look in the mirror
for that long and say
"you are enough."
it may not feel like it
but this is progress.
every day you wake up
is another chance to start over.
brush your hair with your fingers
and notice how it feels
when no one is there to do it for you.
fall in love with yourself every day,
even if you still have last night’s make up on;
it may be smeared across your face
but your lips are still worth kissing.

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Righteous Man

I had a talk with Jesus today,
he thinks you’re an asshole too.
Every sunday should remind you
of what a joke you are.
according to scripture
Satan disguises himelf as
an angel of light.
Tell me how you expect
to get into heaven
when the feathers of your wings
have been ripped out by deceitfulness.
You can bathe in holy water.
but you vomited the body of christ
upon my chest when you fucked me
in the dark of your bedroom
that night you pushed my hands
to your groin
But it doesnt count because
you didnt get off, right?
lie to the congregation,
let them think you’re a righteous man;
but i can see the rotting
sheep skin over
the sharpness of wolves’ teeth.


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how can you measure time
when god is turning the clock?
what did we do before
to deserve who we are now?

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hiding behind a pen
mightier than this sword
hidden just in case
things turn to shit again
i keep my teeth sharp
and my tongue sharper
chewing through illusion
swallowing violins
symphony of mourning
losing what i never had
screaming profanity
declaring insanity
you analyze me with your textbook
what’s up doc?
stuffing me
like a pharmaceutical pinata
full of artifical smiles;
oh, but wait the meds are helping!
tell me: how do I get better,
whats up doc?
my head is burning
and you offered me a match
igniting everything around me
running out of this house
and im the one who set it on fire.

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I Got Called Fat Again

I got called
so i slept
through saturday
and skipped dinner
i tried to look
in the mirror today
but cried

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The Last Poem I Will Ever Write (And It’s Still About You)

I decided

to stop writing

the night I watched

you kiss her;

poetry couldn’t

save me

and neither can you.

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I wonder if
you notice me
what you do
and how you look,
like that smirk
that sometimes
makes me want to
punch you
but really,
it’s the cutest thing
I’ve ever seen.

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The Irony of Suicide (Surviving the Darkness)

acceptance is different
than survival;
acceptance is dealing with
the darkness
that god has given,
but survival
is fighting god
and beating him
at his own game

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You told me moths
are attracted to light
because they are trying
to fly towards the moon
I’m trying to get close to you
but i keep burning
my wings on lightbulbs.

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